Actionable Mobile Audience Data Platform
The Only End-To-End On Boarding Solution Based On Unique Data For Mobile apps

Actionable Mobile Audience Data Platform
The Only End-To-End On Boarding Solution Based On Unique Data For Mobile apps

Campaign on-boarding extension

Personalization: Extended the experience you created in your campaign when you on board your user and lead him in his journey.

Result Convert more "Downloads" into "Users"!

Notification approval optimization

Personalization: Ask your users for approval only when the benefit it clear, personalize the content and timing of such a request

Result High approval rate on notification approval ( for retention and engagement )

Behavioural Engagement

Personalization: Understand your users behaviour and "help" them get the right decision ( provide a discount for a "shopper" in the right time )

Result Better conversion rates that leads to more sales

Interests based

Personalization: Provide a better user experience that appeals to the user's knowledge, habits and line of interests.

Result Better relationship leads to "stickiness", know your user!

Predictive sign up

Personalization: Stop guessing what type of registration method to provide to your end users, Elasticode tells you what will convert better to that user

Result Convert more "Downloads" into "Users"

Vertical Targeting

Personalization: Address users that installed your competitor app with the relevant message that appeals to their interests.

Result Yield higher conversion rates on new users engagement.

Location based expereince

Personalization: Understand your end user needs and provide a different UX based on location ( in the airport, mall, events, and alike )

Result Better relationship leads to "stickiness", know your user!

“Finally we can match between the user persona and his initial user experience. Closing the loop between download and activation!”

Rony Wolfinzon
whiplr, Mobile project manager

“You can A/B test, and iterate based on the results, but often that doesn't tell the whole story... adapt your iOS or Android app to your audience!”

Conner Forrest TechRepublic, CBS Interactive

“Using Elasticode we can personalize and deploy our mobile application UX in real time. We can iterate faster, life is so much easier now!”

Amit Meller Zigit, CEO

Registration Prediction & Optimization

"what is the best registration method for this specific user?"
( Email / Facebook / Twitter / Etc... )

"This User is more likely to convert w/ Email/Password"

Source Attribution (Deeplinking)

Extend the experience that started out in a banner/article/other and drove that user to download your app.

"This User downloaded our app after seeing this ad, let's connect-the-dots for her "

Competitive knowledge & Advantage

Provide a exact experience to convert that customer if your competitor is installed/running in the background.

"Let's add a sentence on the first screen saying why we are better than them"

Interests and Preferences

By knowing your users points of interests before hand you can make that initial experience more relevant and much more appealing. closing the loop on that initial experience

"This User is into sports, let's choose the 'running guy' scenario "

Or dozens of other unique segmentation criteria like...

On Boarding "Playground"

Build beautiful, optimized & personalized OnBoarding experiences. w/o engineering, That converts into native code!

Visit The OnBoarding "Playground"

Segmentation Studio Demo

Target specific and unique audiences based on credible data. Personalization that is based on environment, context and behavior

Visit The Segmentation Studio

Or just go through the tour, and get a glimpse at all of our features ( Android, iOS, Deployment, Personalization, and more ... )
1 out of 4 app install's will never be opened more than once! Lets Fix that

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A Product Manager?

Turn-key solutions that would enable you to optimize parts of your app without any coding

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Optimize the bottom part of the user acquisition funnel
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Use unique segmentation capabilities to make your code and product agile and adaptive

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How Does It Work?

Learn How Are We Different And How We Bring Unique Value To Our Customers

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Unique Segmentation

Segmentation capabilities that include environment, behavior, context and more

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We have created the tools that would allow you to start optimizing your funnels without code!

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