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BlueCart is the hospitality industry’s go-to app for purchasing, inventory management and real-time analytics. BlueCart is built for restaurants, hotels, or any business purchasing wholesale food, beverage and supplies. 

Primary features at a glance:

EASY ORDERING - All of your ordering. From all of your suppliers. All in one place.
ORDER HISTORY - All of your order details in one place. Ditch the clipboards for a digital filing cabinet.
MY INVENTORY - Manage your inventory from the BlueCart mobile app.
MY SUPPLIERS - Customize BlueCart with all of your suppliers.
ADMIN VIEW - Manage multiple locations (for restaurant groups or chains).

What you can expect:

Ordering time cut by 50%
90% reduction in order errors
52% decrease in food waste 

BlueCart is completely free to download. No in-app purchases, transaction fees or hidden costs.                    

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